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11 Dec


Enjoying the Holidays with your Newborn

December 11, 2014 | By |

It’s that time of year again. Have you noticed? Sometimes a new baby can distract us so much that we forget what day it is! No need to worry! We have been looking around the blogosphere and found that many of you are enjoying your holidays with your new baby. Ready to go visit some other breastfeeding moms?

The Decorations

decorating babys first christmas treeTina with took her newborn out to help choose baby’s first Christmas tree! Her baby is old enough to sit in a high chair while the family decorated the tree. If your baby is brand new, this will be the perfect opportunity to decorate while the baby sleeps.

Resist the temptation to go overboard with the décor, however. It feels very special to celebrate baby’s first holiday but remember, your baby won’t remember whether you pulled out all of the decorations this year or not.

The Food

If you’re nursing this time of year, it can be quite challenging to stay on top of a healthy diet. Too many sweets can lead to yeast infections or thrush for you and your baby. Allow yourself a treat, of course,  but moderation is the key.

Try a new tradition this year! Lisa Osborne with changed up the traditional pumpkin latte and pumpkin pie by creating a vegan and paleo friendly recipe. Check out her video recipe on her blog.

The Shopping

shopping with babyShopping for gifts with a newborn can be quite challenging. This mommy of two took both her toddler and infant out to the mall to enjoy some afternoon tea and gifts. She wears her baby while shopping to have a near hands-free shopping experience!

Getting out of the house can be tricky, however, as your baby may get hungry along the way. Be prepared with hydration and snacks for yourself as well. Many malls have nursing lounges now if you’re not sure about nursing in public. If you absolutely need to get out of the house, be flexible. Otherwise, you can also shop online.

Take Time to Slow Down

Dr. Leah Klungness, psychologist and co-author of the The Complete Single Mother, recommends, “Embrace the blessed help friends and family will offer. Your newborn will sleep just as soundly if cuddled by… not you. Grab a nap, take a soothing bath, or do whatever soothes your soul.”

breastfeeding success during the holidaysStress and sleep deprivation can cause decreased milk supply so remember to put yourself first on the list. Regan with suggests pumping and storing some milk in the freezer during the holidays so that you can enjoy your family and friends.

The holidays don’t have to be a stressful time if you’re prepared and flexible. Stop and appreciate it through the eyes of your new baby.