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Our Story

Our Story

The beginnings of a unique product.

Created and designed by nursing mama Elizabeth Lim, Dry Mama reusable nursing pads provide a completely unique solution for all of the age-old complaints about traditional pads: too leaky, too messy, too bulky, too expensive, too much waste. From her own experience, Elizabeth understands what mamas want: dryness and comfort, at a price that’s affordable. But as a new mom, she discovered all of the available nursing pad options were less than ideal. “The disposable pads on the market were flat, round circles,” says Liz. “But since a woman’s body is curved, the flat pads aren’t flattering. You can see the imprint of the pads through the clothes.”

Washable pads were also a disappointment, says Liz, because they would quickly become saturated. “They were very uncomfortable,” she remembers. “The washable pads would become wet and begin to leak after they reached saturation point, which was also not flattering.” With the realization that the pad mamas really need was nonexistent, Liz determined to put her business savvy to use and create the product that she had been looking for. Dry Mama to the rescue!

With a revolutionary, patent-pending membrane technology that is anti-bacterial, absorbent and wicks moisture away from the body, Dry Mama reusable nursing pads keep mamas dry and happy for hours. The end result of years of careful research, the Dry Mama pad is unlike anything else on the market. “This fabric works to actively keep itself dry,” explains Elizabeth, “wicking away moisture to a dry state within 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the heaviness of a woman’s milk flow and the humidity of the environment.”

The unique, patent-pending fabric in Dry Mama reusable nursing pads is antibacterial, with a curved shape that is larger than conventional pads. Both functional and flattering, Dry Mama’s unique design allows them to contour to a mama’s body without shifting and bunching. Dry Mama pads fit invisibly, with no telltale lines. Mamas can wear Dry Mama reusable nursing pads with confidence, knowing they’ll be dry and happy for hours. Flirty colors are icing on the cake–who says nursing mamas can’t have fun? No mama should feel blah! Each and every nursing mama is beautiful, and Dry Mama believes she should feel beautiful, too.

So rejoice, nursing mamas! With Dry Mama reusable nursing pads, mamas everywhere have rediscovered a whole new way to stay dry.