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Casa Hogar

We Give Back

Partnering with Casa Hogar is part of the reason we do what we do.

Moms are our heroes. And one of our biggest heroes is Guadalupe Carmona, affectionately known as Mama Lupita.

casahogar-kidsMama Lupita runs an orphanage in the violent border town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico called Casa Hogar Elim.

Casa Hogar Elim began in 1986 when Mama Lupita opened her home to four children who had been abandoned by their alcoholic father after the death of their mother. Despite the demands of caring for her own husband and four children, Mama Lupita deeply felt the call of God to help those in need.

In the years since Mama Lupita took in those original four children, Casa Hogar has become home to many more children in need.

At the present time Casa Hogar houses over 100 children ranging in age from infant to 24 years old. Through Mama Lupita’s loving example, the children are taught to love the Lord and depend on Him to supply their needs.

As a privately run orphanage, Casa Hogar Elim receives no funding from the government. It is funded solely through private donations.

Dry Mama gives 10% of our profits to Casa Hogar Elim. If you are interested in supporting Mama Lupita in the work of Casa Hogar, you can find out more at